Styleguide 0.28.5

2 - Colors

Color plays an important part in our expression. Especially our fontpage. Some of our colors are bright and bold and thus should be used wisely.

2.2 - Styleguide 2.1 Primary color

Primary color

Learn the hex by heart.

#064163 rgb(6, 65, 99) $primary-color/$color-darkblue
<div class="styleguide-color-bar bg-primary">#064163 rgb(6, 65, 99) $primary-color/$color-darkblue</div>

2.2.1 - Supporting colors

We have a wide range of supporting colors. Shades of grey is used extensively throught our site, but don't be shy, throw some color in the mix.

#D5EAEF rgb(213,234,239) $secondary-color/$color-lightblue
#077F8C rgb(7,127,140) $color-teal
#C0C0C0 rgb(192,192,192) $color-grey
#767676 rgb(118,118,118) $color-darkgrey
#666666 rgb(102,102,102) $color-dark
#555555 rgb(85,85,85) $color-darker
#444444 rgb(68,68,68) $color-darkest
#333333 rgb(51,51,51) $color-black
<div class="styleguide-color-bar bg-secondary">#D5EAEF rgb(213,234,239) $secondary-color/$color-lightblue</div>
<div class="styleguide-color-bar bg-teal">#077F8C rgb(7,127,140) $color-teal</div>
<div class="styleguide-color-bar bg-grey">#C0C0C0 rgb(192,192,192) $color-grey</div>
<div class="styleguide-color-bar bg-darkgrey">#767676 rgb(118,118,118) $color-darkgrey</div>
<div class="styleguide-color-bar bg-dark">#666666 rgb(102,102,102) $color-dark</div>
<div class="styleguide-color-bar bg-darker">#555555 rgb(85,85,85) $color-darker</div>
<div class="styleguide-color-bar bg-darkest">#444444 rgb(68,68,68) $color-darkest</div>
<div class="styleguide-color-bar bg-black">#333333 rgb(51,51,51) $color-black</div>

2.3 - Contextual colors

Some supporing colors also double as contextual colors used to empasize meaning. These are mainly visible as error or success messages in forms or elements that in provide feedback to the user.

<div class="styleguide-color-bar bg-success">$success-color</div>
<div class="styleguide-color-bar bg-alert">$alert-color</div>
<div class="styleguide-color-bar bg-warning">$warning-color</div>

2.4 - Interaction

We have a color dedicated to elements that the user can interact with e.g. links, buttons and navigation. This color sould not be used for any other pupose.

#0064b4 rgb(0,100,180) $ui-color
<div class="styleguide-color-bar bg-ui">#0064b4 rgb(0,100,180) $ui-color</div>

2.5 - Text

I'm a monster



I'm a monster



I'm a monster



I'm a monster



I'm a monster



I'm a monster

<p class="{$modifiers}"><strong>I'm a monster</strong></p>

2.6 - Shadows











<div class="{$modifiers}" style="width:100px;height:100px;text-align:center;"></div>